A Look in the World of Twitter and Design

Twitter has been keeping up with the world of Digital Design and so have I. Check out my twitter to see what’s happening in the world of Design News. Throughout my Digital Graphic Design course I’ll be updating my Twitter with relevant design news using the #NewsDesign, this news ranges from helpful guidelines and websites to creative  design news, stay tuned! Below are my tweets from the month of April, 2018.


Better Typesetting Tips

These 5 tips to better your typesetting skills remind readers that constant learning and creativity are key but in the end the customer is always right…kind of. The artist will always have a vision but should mold that vision to work with what the customer wants. Taking the time to learn, read, and research new forms of type will ultimately help the project in the long run while also expanding the artist’s view. Check out the online resources available through the links.


Evolving Magazine Trends

Predicted magazine trends for 2017 are now out and are more creative than ever. Major magazines have already locked their themes down but smaller, independent magazines have more room to grow and express their individuality, creating wildly transformative covers. But editors of independent magazine are starting to get annoyed with having to keep up their perfected magazines. Magazine editors are predicting everything from modest to real growth, growth in radical political titles in conjunction with Trump’s election, and even smaller to lighter magazine sizes coming from those who want to continue creating on their own. What could be coming in the next few years?


A Look Back in Time

A look at 2008’s best magazine designs from the Society of Publication Designers, SPD, includes everything from Wired, to New York, from Fortune to Bon Appetite with captivating and enticing layouts, designs, photography, illustrations, and covers. Highlights of the industry’s premier winners are designated into different award sections such as infographics, which were “white-hot”. Recognition of these winners helps capture the evolution of magazine design throughout the years.


Abstract to Concept

dezeen takes a look as Graphic Studio MuirMcNeil generates 8,000 unique abstract covers for Eye magazine. Created by enabling a million unique designs from a limited range of original designs, known as seeds, allows large companies, such as Coca-cola and Nutella, to “generate millions of unique label designs for its various different campaigns”.


For the Good, there is the Bad

We all know how Buzzfeed loves to point out people’s mistakes but these definitely take the cake. 28 newspaper and magazine layout disasters will make you take a second look at your own layouts, or in Buzzfeed’s words “how not to edit a publication”. Honestly, what were these people thinking.


Retail Revolution

With the continuous retail downsizing of large companies and box stores taking place in the U.S. retails are boosting their design game in order to boost retail sales. Connected to Millennial and Gen Z generations needing to be precise with how they spend their money, retailers are finding other ways to attract costumers. Both package and store designs are specifically changing with social media in mind in order to tailor to costumers. Color, package, and social media cohesion are being used to promote and share products.


Back to Old Designs

Flip phones might be a thing of the past but soon you’ll be able to hang-up on someone with the same vigor as the early 2000s. Designers are re-inventing the smart phone and tablets to be able to fold their screens. While this design is innovative, will it be useful or even be able to integrate seamlessly into tech culture today? Release is coming up with prospective dates at late 2018 or early 2019.


The Top Three

The world’s best-designed newspapers were announced by The Society for News Design, SND, on Friday March 23, 2018.  Judges announced that the three newspapers selected, The New York Times, Die Zeit, and Het Parool won for reasons based on “astonishing consistency”, “elimination of the box”, and “mastery of typography”, respectively. Next time you’re in New York, the Netherlands, or Germany pick one up and check it out.


Typographers & Instagram

Howdesign looks at the top ten typographers to follow on Instagram. Type might sound old news but it is everything when it comes to company design and success. With Instagram being one of the top sharing platforms its important to constantly update, share, and learn from the top designers. Everything from cursive, illustrations, and logos are all included.


Keep checking back for more Design News from Twitter!

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