A Look into the World of Twitter and Journalism Part 3

With the re-instatement of the school year, journalism and Twitter have been working side-by-side to bring us the best articles that can be found. Specifically, I have been looking into articles that are both news-worthy but also have a niche interest for myself. Continue to follow me on Twitter at @Jstraaton for some of the best and more interesting articles to be found, this quarter under #mfjsstorytellers


Interviews with Only the Best

With women making headway in multiple facets of life, Marie Claire deservedly delves into Jodie Whittaker’s role as the first female Doctor on Doctor Who.  A compelling interview shows how Whittaker isn’t scared to play the Doctor saying “the best thing for me though is that, for the first time in my life, I am not playing a stereotypical woman because as much as I approach everything as an actor, I am continually labelled by the female version of that character”. Get excited for the newest and possibly the most progressive season of the longest running show in history this October.


Exploring Tradition

This New York Times article features a combination of history and culture to show the importance of community within the African- American community through the weekly fish frys. ““The work schedule on the plantation would slow down by noon on Saturday, so enslaved people had the rest of that day to do what they wanted,” Mr. Miller said”. The article alone features vibrant pictures able to tell their own story out of very little.


Prospective isn’t Always Seen

Another NYT’s article featuring the currently very news-worthy of topic mental health and transit suicides has New York and it’s writers thinking from a very different perspective. As the article states, “nearly 900 incidents last year in which someone was on the tracks or was hit by a train after getting too close while on the platform”. But a closer look into the article shows an over-arching theme of dismissiveness of the issues of mental health, where interviews were aimed at the problem of delayed trains due to these incidents.


Unexpected Interests

Who knew an article on Ranch dressing, apparently the U.S.’s favorite dressing, could spark such an in-depth historical and cultural look into American society. Referencing “The Simpsons”, junk food, and culinary endeavours, this article showcases the weird, but ever-enticing, hold Ranch dressing has in our world.


Personal Stories

Stunning photography mixed with a personal touch comes an article on Dennis Follensbee a hiker pursuing the ever-decreasing “moment of silence” brought to you by nature itself. Sharing insight into one man’s personal dream against the continuous increase of noise pollution, “given the loud crowds, some hikers have taken to avoiding the tallest mountains, making lists instead of quieter getaways”.


Hard- Hitting and News-Worthy

In a monumental movement towards peace, North and South Korea declared to be pursuing “permanent” and “solid” peace between the two countries after more than a decade since their 1st summit, almost a decade ago. Additionally, President Trump has even given his blessing between the union, declaring further political support by the U.S..

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