Mile High Food: A Denver Food Podcast

The Mile High Food is a podcast on Denver’s food business to what’s trending in the culinary world right now, episodes can be found on SoundCloud airing most Fridays.


Food: you love it, you eat, you take photos of it, and now it’s time to listen to it.

Denver is becoming a food-centric city, opening new gateways to the culinary world and our new podcast explores the food culture, business, and excitement taking place. We’ll be exploring everything from marijuana based food to the history of popular dishes invented in Denver, and we’ll even be taking a look at new restaurants in the Denver area.

This podcast hosted by Nina Petrovic and Julia Straaton are two DU students with hungry stomachs and very little background in food. This podcast aims at entertaining and informing listeners about everything you didn’t know about Denver’s food culture. Although food is traditionally a physical and visual experience, we believe that there is much more to celebrate about food besides eating it. We’ll be learning along with you, the listeners, as much as you’re learning from us.

Listen to our Podcast on SoundCloud coming out on most Fridays (Oct. 12- Nov. 7). Hopefully you’ll be listening on empty stomachs and an enthusiasm to explore Denver’s Food scene. Let’s get hungry.

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