The World of Twitter and Journalism Part 4

October has come to a very spooky end and the world of journalism has not taken it lightly. Here are my news-worthy tweets from the month of October ranging from homelessness, candy creation, and migrant children. Check out all of my tweets @Jstraaton. Make sure to also check out my podcast, Mile High Food exploring the food culture in Denver, from the history of popular dishes originating in Denver to not so well known restaurants near the University of Denver. Join me and my host Nina on Soundcloud.

Migrating Lives

Migrant child custody length has nearly doubled according to the Department of Health and Human Services, rising from 34 to 59 days. Concerns over emotional tole and physical health of these children continue to be questioned without any answers, rising rates of anxiety and depression are leading to violent outbursts and escape attempts. The Trump Administration continues to invoke harsh rhetoric and policies making it hard for children to be placed with sponsors.


Springy, Soft, and Elastic

QQ is the way to describe the springy, soft, and elastic texture that many Taiwanese cooks are striving after. Found in both sweet and savory treats this texture can also be found throughout many asian countries, but why hasn’t it made its way across the rest of the world? Similar to al-dente, this gooey texture is so popular among the population that “When you eat it, you will be in a good mood”.


Let’s Eat!

Two slices of bread, a little meat, maybe some veggies and condiments and you have your very own sandwich. And getting the Earl of Sandwich to talk about his favorite type of sandwich is not as hard as it sounds. Monatgu, the Earl of Sandwich, is a “descendant of John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who is often credited as the inventor of the sandwich”. A fun article that brings together culinary inventions and history has a real story to tell.


You Got Duped! What Did You Expect?

Honesty, what did you expect if you’re trying to buy a Banksy painting. Banksy made a very obvious statement when his “girl with a red heart-shaped balloon” painting sold for $1.1 million and then was immediately shredded. Was this to state how art, specifically his art, should never be bought, or is it an internal reflection on the painting itself about loss? Check out the video to see the painting being shredded by an internal shredder in the frame.


4 Day Work Week

Colorado is looking at a 4 day school week, claiming that it reduces stress, saves on transportation and utilities costs, and even reduces absences by teachers and students. But of the 600 districts that have recently shifted to a four day school week many parents are concerned with how to occupy their child’s day. But the superintendent of Salida School District in Colorado says that it has saved their school $60,000/year, and in a time where school cuts are often being made this becomes as huge improvement.


Life or Death

Sex workers in America are constantly hiding from law enforcement, displaying themselves as masseuses trying to provide money for themselves or family in another country. Amid colorful and bright pictures by the New York Times shows the story of women who are beaten, raped, and robbed for just trying to provide a living for themselves. Law enforcement acts as a safe haven but these women know that if that catch you, you’ll be deported or worse.


Sexual Abuse Allegations and the Catholic Church

Betrayal, deceit, and rumors have marked the catholic church with sexual abuse allegations for year but now, amid stories of confused devote catholics comes the realization that their devotion may have been mislead. The individual sees how the religion stands with their marginalization but the church has a long way to go.


Midterm Election Season

With the Midterms coming to a close its important to understand the basics if you’ve never voted before. This interactive and collapsable map gives guides and directions to understanding what would happen if the democrats or republicans gain power, who are the big-wigs of each party and if there’s a possibility of voting late.


What Are You fighting for?

And to better understand what exactly your vote is going towards is a battlefield map illuminating the issues for control of the House. Grouped by social and cultural characteristics they share comes the Metro Melting Pot, Wealthy Suburbs, Outer Suburbs, the Open West, and the Rural Trump Country. These five groups will help determine the control over roughly 75 seats in the House.


Creepy Creations

For Halloween, the New York Times Magazine put out an amazing edition all about candy; how you taste it, how its made, and even the most popular candies in each country. Kit Kats, being a world favorite, have become quite popular in Japan. So popular that the flavors have moved past just chocolate to more interesting creations like wasabi, strawberry, and my favorite matcha.


Homeless From Birth

Times are tough for families in homeless shelters, and times are even tougher for those born directly into homelessness. With 11,234 children under 6 living in a shelter system, Baby Antonio become 1 of 60,000 people that are housed in New York City shelters daily. An epidemic on the rise in many cities, families are struggling to find their basic needs while be entrenched in a system of marginalization.

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