My name is Julia Straaton and I’m currently a junior at the University of Denver, double-majoring in Journalism and English with a concentration in Education. I grew up in Chicago where I spent time working as a lifeguard for three years and volunteering in special needs classrooms and as a Special Olympics coach. This blog is to showcase the my journalism work, old and new. In addition my twitter account is provided for those who wish to look into my twitter posts revolving around school assignments.

I’m majoring in English Education for my love of over analyzing books and to pursue a career as a high school english teacher. In addition to English Education, I’m also majoring in Journalism for my interest in magazine layout and design and the importance of public knowledge for all.

IMG_3264.jpgAt DU, I’ve taken classes in online and visual journalism, news writing and reporting, mass media law, media and culture and I’m currently taking a digital media class where I’m learning to use Adobe’s Indesign. I’m also currently pursuing a Masters dual-degree with the Morgridge College of Education for high school english. While I’m currently in the process of interviewing for the Morgridge College, my path has not been set yet and am extremely interested in pursuing a career in journalism.

My other interests include cooking, where I have dreams of hopefully going to culinary school at some point in my life. I’m also extremely interested in scuba diving, gardening, and traveling.

Twitter: @Jstraaton