Sexual Assaults Continue to Rise on DU’s Campus

From just the start of the new year, DU’s campus has continued to increase in gender-based discrimination, including sexual violence. With two incidents since the start of March, students are becoming more and more concerned with the schools ability to keep them safe.

Female students specifically are looking at the effects that sexual assault, recovery, and advocacy have on victims. As they advocate for better options in resources and support, the women of DU are frightened this increase of incidents could turn towards an epidemic.

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Chicago’s South Side Artistic Child Grows to be MDA’s Executive VP, March 4, 2017

When you first see Valerie Anne Cwik, M.D., you may not think much of her. Standing at 5’7″, she’s kept the same short cropped hair that she’s had since her childhood only now it’s streaked with grey and white. Her modest clothing and quiet demeanor don’t give off the impression that her job title or IQ but once she talks you can only begin to wonder the brain inside her head.

As the Executive Vice President, and Chief Medical and Scientific Officer to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Cwik, 61 who lives in Tuscan, Arizona, has worked for 13 years under the foundation to prevent against the harmful effects of muscular dystrophy, ALS, and other life-threatening diseases. ALS, which you might remember is the charity that was funded by the online social movement, the ice bucket challenge.

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5 Ways to Stay Safe on DU’s Campus with Campus Safety, January 30, 2017

Recently, the University of Denver’s Sexual Assault Liaison’s and Campus Safety met to discuss safety measure and hash out tension between the students and security officers. Students have been avoiding help from the Campus Safety, fearing they will be punished in the process. However, Campus Safety wants DU students to know they are there only to help and have a lot of ways they can do so. Here are five ways in which students can work with Campus Safety to become safer while on campus:

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DPS Public Forum’s Safe and Welcoming Resolution, February 17, 2017

Denver Public Schools have been in turmoil for the past couple years through harsh changes such as a new school choice system, funding problems, deportation threats, and teacher retention rates. Immigration problems, however, have hit Denver’s public schools hard with many students coming from immigrant families. A sixth generation latino women cries out during the DPS public forum saying “my child is nervous that his friends keep disappearing and has asked me if I will be taken away to Mexico because I look like all his Mexican friends.”

The Board of Directors for the Denver Public School system will soon be voting on a new resolution to keep their students safe from immigration officers, and Trump’s executive plans. This plan helps to create policies and protection plans for immigrant students and their families within the Denver community.

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DU students Hit Denver’s Women’s March, January 21st, 2017

The Women’s March on Washington took place this January 21st, a day after President Trump came to office, protesting for the equality of all women, and all groups. Protests were held all around the world including Mexico City, Australia, London, Canada, and even Antarctica. With the main protest being held in D.C., crowds reached a size three times larger than that of President Trump’s inauguration.

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